Phillips story about hes ex Seeing eye dog Kransky.

I’m a lovely Seeing Eye Dog named Kransky. I’m a lovely pure bred Golden Retriever born in Melbourne on the June 8th 2005. I’m one of eleven puppies with five other canine brothers and five canine sisters. Sadly, one of my sisters did not survive. I was born in Melbourne me and my five other canine brothers was sent to Brisbane at approximately nine to ten weeks of age my other canine brothers names are Kryton, Kaos, Kingston, Kenny and Koda. My brothers Koda and Kingston and I went on to be working Seeing Eye dogs. I was separated from my other brothers and went back to Melbourne for training and Koda and Kingston stayed in Brisbane. We are full-blooded Golden Retrievers with both of my canine parents full blooded Golden Retrievers. My mum’s name is Bella Rose and dad is called Bear.
My canine brother Kaos and I loved to play together. When my human puppy carer Pat had training days in the city with me, we would always be stopped by Japanese tourists wanting to take photos of us golden colored puppies. I really felt like a model.
I graduated with my human owner, Phillip, on March 18th 2006. I have been to so many places with my Phillip and his wife, Michelle, who is my human mummy. I have a feline brother named Gary who showed me the back of his paw when I tried to get to know him for the first time. Since then we have kept our distance from one another. I have been to Australia Zoo and other places with Phillip since being brought to Melbourne to be matched up with my blind or vision impaired human owner. When I graduated with Phillip, I was so excited I knew it was time to go on a important journey. I have bonded with Phillip since I laid eyes on him.
Sometimes I can be a cheeky dog by licking people’s legs, especially human girls. Woof, woof! I have worked hard with trainers to get where I am today. As a Golden Retriever my favorite thing is eating but I can’t do too much of that with Phillip because he is worried I might become a tubby little puppy. What’s with the human world calling me a puppy all the time? Another thing I like is rolling around on the ground when I’m not working with my legs open to let my Phillip know I want my tummy rubbed.
As a professional working Seeing Eye dog I feel that I’m a Very Important Dog because I can’t be denied access with Phillip. The
life of a working dog can be hard at times, especially when we go on public transport with Phillip and have to lie under a seat which has not much room to swing my tail. At times I wish I can change spots with Phillip by sitting on the seat and put Phillip underneath the seat. Woof, woof! Another thing that’s hard about being a working dog is if I see a tasty burger on the ground I just have to walk on by. Sometimes I have tried to pounce on a tasty burger or a chip on the ground, but I don’t get very far because Phillip will bring me back in to line. Ah well, at least I tried getting it.
I think it’s funny when he rings the company where I was trained for food distraction, and then the trainer comes all the way to Phillip’s house for no reason because he calls my owner a liar and to be on his best behavior.
There was one time I was laying on the floor near Phillip in a restaurant in Warragul when a human woman came up to my owner and said “can I offer your dog a tasty porterhouse steak?” I was disappointed because Phillip said no to the human woman. What a life I have. Another thing I like as a working Seeing Eye dog is seeing people’s heads turning when walking around the streets and hearing human women say “what a cute dog”, and kids say “mummy, there is a doggy in the shopping centre” and “mummy says that doggy is allowed, he’s a working dog to help that blind man to see and help to get around”.
There was one time in my life Phillip was going to school and a teacher always picked on Phillip and said he wasn’t giving me any water. I wished I could talk so I could defend Phillip by saying to the nasty human teacher that my daddy is giving me water every time he takes me to the toilet.
There was another time I was a cheeky dog, when I was at my human nanna and pa’s place. They have a dog named Mate, but I don’t pay much attention to him because
he is a small dog. Phillip was inside one time talking to his mother and father when I was in the backyard with Mate. The human nanna and pa had Mate’s food in an Esky outside so I thought I would see if I could open it. I scratched the metal handle with my nails and to my surprise the lid popped off. I got stuck into eating the food until I
was shocked when my Michelle caught me. I’m not too sure that day if I ate too much but I just wanted to lie down and not move.
I like going to the beach and digging a big hole in the sand and laying it. As a dog you would think I like the water at the beach but I don’t. Every time I see a wave I run from it. It’s also funny how I’m allowed into some zoos and not into other zoos.
There was one time Phillip and Michelle took me on a ten kilometer walk to a little town called Porepunkah and Phillip thought I wanted to go toilet because I pulled him off the track we were on when I heard some bikes coming. After they were gone Phillip gave me a big hug and said “good boy”, so we started walking again.

it was late September -october when my human own phillip had to say good by to me it was time for me to retire after all the wonderful work i have died for my owner Phillip.
this was sad for me all i remember is being in a hotel room with my owner and him giving me lots of pats with tears in his eyes.
Copyright by Phillip Chalker (c)


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