Apple Icollar for you cat or Dog

I would like to see apple create an i-Collar for people who own a cat or dog.
The i-Collar could work similar to the new Apple I-watch.
the i-Collar could sync with the i-phone which would allow people to keep track of there cat or dog by having an app similar to the Find my i-Phone or Find my Mac it could be either named Find my i-Collar or Find my pet.
The i-Collar could also have a health app on it which would hold all the information about your cat or dog such as the microchip Number registration number and other important info such as history of the Dog or cat.
and on the interface of the i-Collar could have a picture of your pet.

This would save lots of money for Government agencies when it comes to creating Tags every year for animals.
if the i-Collar syncs with the iPhone it would be easier to download the history and provide it to your local Vet clinic
copy write Phillip Chalker


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